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Scientific discoveries and inventions.

Belashov A.N. — Russian theoretical physicist, inventor, author of more than 60 inventions, discoveries of five constants, four physical quantities, 86 laws of physics and 40 mathematical formulas in the field of electrical and magnetic phenomena, electrostatics, electrical engineering, hydrodynamics, atomic physics, astronomy, astrophysics and stellar astronomy. Has more than 100 publications in various Russian and foreign scientific journals and scientific conferences.
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  ORCID  iD 0000-0002-4821-8004  identifier of scientific works of Belashov.
  Publons  iD F-7170-2019Б  identifier of scientific works of Belashov.
  Academy Google  identifier of scientific works of Belashov.
  Elibrary.Ru  identifier of scientific works of Belashov.
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  All-Russian portal Math-Net.Ru.
  Neutral WikiEncyclopedia.

The latest discoveries in physics.

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